Conceptual Meets Ordinary

This work was commissioned by a cafe-gallery in Beyoglu to be exhibited parallel to the Istanbul Biennale 2005. Work consist of two prints one of which was for inside the venue and the other was for the side wall of the building. Inner horizontal image was 7.5 metre long and created by stiching 9 photographs and the outer one was similar but vertical.

We wanted to play with the idea of “concept/ual” in art by biringing a bare foot man and a plastic duck in together in an ordinary atmosphere of the cafe and exhibiting it in the same place. The work would have been exhibited in the same place, in real size, just above the seats seen in the photograph. This would also bring together the real and the photographic replica of the real as the ordinary and the conceptualized. Due to the cafe closed the work did not exhibited.


Created in collaboration with Murat Germen and with the help of Mustafa Kaplan

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