a'21 amberNetworkFestival

a’21 amberNetworkFestival
Art Technology Thought
March - May 2021

conceived, programmed and directed by Ekmel Ertan


a’21 amberNetworkFestival will take place between the 10th of March and 16th of May 2021 at Oyoun in Berlin and in the network nodes amberPlatform (İstanbul), Darağaç (Izmir), New Media society (Tehran), DAH Project (Shiraz), KounAktif (Casablanca), BAAB (Khartoum), Shahraban (Baalbek), Bishkek Contemporary (Bishkek) and ADEF (Cairo, Berlin) currently. All the activities will be hybrid; in various locations and online at the same time.

a’21 is taking place in a very special time as a truly decentralized and international festival. We are developing the Collaborative (Network) Curation where the network members and invited artists are curating, creating, and performing collaboratively remotely along the two-month-long festival.

a’21 places the LAB in the core of the festival where the invited participants from all network nodes collectively research, create and produce as well as curate and perform. The LAB will be the first part of the amberNetworkFestival between 10th of March and 18th of April 2021. a’21 amberNetworkFestival will continue following the LAB with an exhibition at Oyoun where the output and the documentation of the LAB will be shared publicly, besides accompanying events, till 16th of May 2021.

Artistic Director: Ekmel Ertan
Co-curators and LAB leaders: Christoph Wachter & Mathias Jud

Network Nodes & Curators
amberPlatform (İstanbul, Turkey), Ebru Yetişkin; New Media Society (Tehran, Iran), Amirali Ghasemi; Darağaç (İzmir, Turkey), Cenkhan Aksoy, Ali Cem Doğan; KounAktif (Casablanca, Morocco), Youssef El Idrissi; BAAB (Khartoum, Sudan), Rajaa Shamam; D.A.H. Project (Shiraz, Iran), Mohsen Hazrati, Milad Forouzandeh; Shahraban (Baalbek, Lebanon), Hamza Chamas

a’21 conceived and executed by amberPlatform  as the continuation of amberFestival İstanbul, produced by Oyoun Berlin. Funded by the Berlin Senate’s Hauptstadtkulturfond

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