BAĞIMSIZLAR [INDEPENDENTS] is an ongoing project based on listing and mapping initiatives, CSOs and not-for-profit ventures in Turkey, experting on arts and culture or including artistic and cultural practices in their works. In order to mark changes occurred in the local habitat from 2000 to this date, the database also hosts organizations and spaces that are not active or present anymore. Other than examining the dissemination of organizations on the map, users can obtain basic information about each entity, by making custom classifications on the first hand data based on place of location, status of the foundation, duration of activity, area of expertise, resources and type of audience.

The inventory covers independent contemporary initiatives, collectives, autonomous groups, artist-run-spaces besides associations, foundations, social cooperatives and non-profit ventures while focus fields of participating organizations are varied as arts (in general), culture, heritage, memory, immigration, community building, social integration and inclusion, design, gastronomy and sustainable documentation. Within this context, right based organizations dealing with ecology, renewable energy, urban / rural issues and gender equality are also included in the inventory; if their concerns and practices are relevant to creative actions.

The primary aim of the project is defined as “empowering the visibility of grassroots movements, independent organizations and CSOs while creating a digital environment of solidarity for participants and beneficiaries to increase their interplay for collaboration and broadening their networks.” In addition to that, the project supplies some necessary input for scholars and researchers, who aim further studies on dissemination of artistic and cultural ventures, measuring capacity of regions and sustainability of artist-run spaces. Thus, besides scholars and researchers; artists, curators, critics, art students, cultural managers, event designers, activists, advocators, administrators of CSOs and local governments engaged in cultural policy studies are taken as beneficiaries.

Operational Team of BAĞIMSIZLAR [INDEPENDENTS] includes scholars, researchers and cultural managers, who have been collaborating on various actions, since many years. Taking leading or administrative roles in numerous ongoing cultural projects in cooperation with civic society is a common asset of all team members. Initiated by Ekmel Ertan (amberPlatform), Zeynep Okyay (PASAJ), İpek Çankaya (halka art project, Art Halicarnassus), Saliha Yavuz (Hayy Open Space, Komünitas), Sarp Keskiner (KARANTINA, Komunitas, Konserve, Teos Arts and Culture Association), Daniele Savasta (Yokuşun Başı), Özgül Kılınçarslan ( Dahili Bellek ), Günseli Baki ( Sarı Denizaltı ), Yeliz Kahya, Didem Ermiş, Ezgi Bakçay (Karşı Sanat), Arzu Arbak (Varız Burdayız), Beyza Boynudelik, Handan Demir; BAĞIMSIZLAR [INDEPENDENTS] follows a participatory approach by expanding its operational team with addition of cultural professionals based in various cities.

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