Bizim Ailenin Cinsiyet Halleri by Ahmet Ersanlı

Bizim Ailenin Cinsiyet Halleri by Ahmet Ersanlı

The project is a web based interactive, autobiographical documentary that is about gender roles and gender stereotyping.


The main goal of the project is to realize that gender roles and gender stereotyping are fundamental constituents of our social life including family, love, sexuality, marriage, friendship, education, etc that we cant give it up, although it ruins our and others lives.

Althought it doesn’t focus on different approaches of people towards gender roles from different economical statuses, it makes possible to hear stories of people from different professioncies and ages which could give a broader view on the issue of gender roles.

My objectives are to create my “familiy tree” (non-traditional family tree) of gender roles and realize who effected my vision about gender roles in what ways. Indeed it will show that family is not only realted to have a blood relation, the definition of family will be broadened and possibilities to have non-traditional families and issues like gay marriage, child adaption will be discussed. It will challenges the traditional way of defining the family.

Project Proposal [pdf]

Bizim Evin Cinsiyet Halleri from Ahmet Erşanlı on Vimeo.

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