amber'14: Interfaces for Body and Space

This one-day event, which will take place at Salt Beyoğlu on 9th of November, Sunday,  presents ongoing artistic researches and some of the implementations that focus on gesture/movement based technologies extending different bodies. While new technologies extend and change the bodies we preferred to make a special emphasis on the disabilities. We call it different bodies but not disabled, since each single body has its own communication and performance capacities, which are not indeed subject of disability but divergence. Bodies’ future lays in new technologies. Technology is increasing the diversity of the bodies and blurring the borders of the body, as well as its perception.

In this day the audience is the participant. Participants will watch the presentations and discuss the topics; experience different technologies and learn and create with others along the day. All the presentations and workshops are designed for different bodies. Differently-abled people are encouraged to participate and very welcome. The technologies of body and movement in the space can only be discussed with the participation of diverse bodies.

Event curated and organized by Ekmel Ertan, realized with the participation of Robert Wechsler, Tuğçe Tuna, Şafak Uysal, Nilüfer Kozikoğlu, Paola Tognazzi, Mutlu Güngör, Ezgi Baştuğ and Jaime de Val.


13:00    “Interfaces for Body and Space”, Ekmel Ertan (Talk)
13:15     “MotionComposer:  Turning Movement into Music – for persons with and without disabilities”, Robert Wechsler (Talk)
13:30    “Introduction to the METABODY project”, Jaime de Val (Talk)
13:45    “Facilitating Technological Tools and Methods For Cerebral Palsy”, Feride Bilir (Talk)
14:00    Dance with Different Bodies + Motion Composer (Performance)
14:45    MotionComposer (MetabodyBox) (Demonstrations)
15:00    Nilüfer Kozikoğlu (Talk)
15:30    “From Movement to Form: Crystal Bodies”, Şafak Uysal (Talk)
15:45     Christal Bodies (Workshop presentation)
16:00    Nifüfer (Workshop presentation)
16:15     Wearable Dynamics (Demonstrations)
16:45    Dance with Sheldon  (Performance)
17:00    “Wearable_Dynamics”, Paola Tognazzi (Talk)
17:15     “Farklı Bedenlerle Dans”, Tuğçe Tuna (Talk)
17:30     Dance with Different Bodies + Motion Composer (Performance)
17:45     Dance with Sheldon  (Performance)

Kategorized Program

Cinema Hall
“Interfaces for Body and Space”, Ekmel Ertan (Curator, Artist, Academic – amberPlatform)
“Introduction to Metabody Project”, Jaime de Val (Reverso, Metabody project coordinator)
“MotionComposer:  Turning Movement into Music – for persons with and without disabilities”, Robert Weschler ( Choreographer, Performance artist – Palindrome)
“Farklı Bedenlerle Dans”, Tuğçe Tuna (Dance and performance artist, Choreographer, Academic – Rem Dans)
“Facilitating Technological Tools and Methods For Cerebral Palsy”Feride Bilir (PT, MSc, BT)
“From Movement to Form: Crystal Bodies”, Şafak Uysal (Architect, Choreographer, Academic)
Nilüfer Kozikoğlu (Architect)
“Wearable_Dynamics: methodology that applies the dynamics of physical movements to understand body expressivity”, Paola Tognazzi (Physical interaction designer, Choreographer)

Dance with Different Bodies + Motion Composer (Rem Dans, Palindrome)
Dance with Shaldon! (Paola Tognazzi)
Motion Composer (Robert Wechsler)

Public-Participatory Presentations:
Motion Composer (Palindrome)
Wearable Dynamics (Paola Tognazzi)
Choreographic Phrases (Tuğçe Tuna, Robert Wechsler)

Presentations of Research Workshops:
Body and Space (Nilüfer Kozikoğlu, Tuğçe Tuna)
Christal Bodies (Şafak Uysal, Mutlu Güngör, Ezgi)

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