Blow In

Blow In is an online system for diverse communities to share an event physically-yet-online.

Blow In connects people remotely yet in a physical way in order to achieve a goal. The participants have to blow into a DIY windmill to constitute and partake in its action. The action can be a protest against the stupidity of a politician, public lies or generic injustice. Artists can use this tool to publicly activate their work. Activist can use it to bring people together for a cause. Friends can play online games based on physical effort. Even believers can pray remotely but communally.

Blow In is a web-based system. On the web site you can find all the information, instructions and applications you need. As a participant you select the event you will participate. Before the time of the event you will get reminder emails. At the time of the event you get online, select the way to Blow In and start the related application. The application will guide you. You start blowing in simultaneously with all the networked participants. During the event you will see the visualizations, which show the total power created by all the participants as well as your own participation to the sum. At the same time, you will also watch the final effect of the Blow In session which can be another visualization or a sound or a video which shows the achieved action in real time.

Blow In is being produced in the frame of E-Tribal Art project.
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