MotionComposer is a research project conceived and run by Robert Wechsler, Palindrome. MC seeks new methods and tools for the rehabilitation and education of the differently abled and elderly people as well as a tool for performers. More information can be found on

“We listen to music with our muscles” Nietzsche wrote. Based on this principle, we are currently developing with the MotionComposer a unique? High-tech tool that gives every person an entirely new? Body and spatial awareness.

The MotionComposer are people with and without disabilities the same opportunity through body movement and dance to music. The device brings so from the perspective of “inclusion” People in creative exchanges together.

Based on a highly sensitive, interactive technology and innovative software, the Motion Composer of every move – it was just a blink – tones, sounds and music generate.Combined with input from dancers, composers and therapists also people can be empowered with severe disabilities at a physical, emotional and even artistic expression.

I am acting as administrative director of the project.


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