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instructor: Ekmel Ertan
assistant: Sina Cem Çetin / Servet Ulaş

Course Description

This course aims at teaching fundamentals of interaction design.  Student will learn the nature of digital media and user interaction and will gain hands on experience on screen based as well as physical interaction.

As the new media is more and more interactive and ubiquitous beside that the design and development in the field is getting simpler, more and more designer and artist attracted with the expressive possibilities it provides. Although art and technology practices has a quite long background history in the western world, we do not have resources in Turkish which transfers this experience  to artists and designers working in Turkey. In this course participant students will prepare a book during their own learning rom scratch

Works will be critiqued in class to enhance the design competence as well as technical skills. Students will learn fundamentals of scripting in different programming environments and authoring tools. No programming skills are pre-required, but a certain level will be acquired through the course.

Therefore the main objective of this course is to provide the capacities that the students will need to conceive and implement their art or design projects of the final year.

Course Aims

  • To introduce the basic concepts of interaction in new media
  • To provide hands on experience on screen based interaction
  • To teach several authoring tools and programming environments to empower students to create interactive applications
  • To provide simple knowledge on physical interaction
  • To enable students to use live data in information visualizations or interactive applications

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Use standard authoring tools to create multimedia applications
  • Write script to handle basic screen based interaction
  • Conceptualize and visualize information based on live data
  • Design and build simple physical interfaces


The course is 3 hours a week.
Students have to submit each assignment on its due date. All the assignments will be resubmitted for final evaluation during the exam period. Students expected refine their design and application of the assignments for final submission.


Student must attend class at least 10 weeks (out of 14 weeks).

Assignments  50%
Final project  40%
Attendance and participation 10%


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