Video Installation, 2022
Ekmel Ertan, Ozan Atalan
Commissioned by and exhibited at Mixer, İstanbul

SENKRON 'Simultaneous Video Exhibitions' at Mixer; It meets with the audience between 15 April - 30 May 2022 under the management of Bilsart and Versus Art Project. Senkron brings together art institutions, artists, curators, and art professionals from different cities by focusing on video art in Turkey; It is an inclusive event about video art through exhibitions/events/talks and screenings. In this context, with the invitation of Mixer, Ozan Atalan and Ekmel Ertan's exhibition titled YOLO meets the audience with their new video productions, in which they shape their ideas and production processes together.

YOLO, You Only Live Once is a video installation jointly produced by Ozan Atalan and Ekmel Ertan as a response to the current biological, economic, political, and psychological insecurity and crisis. YOLO is based on the idea that the life we ​​live turns into a consensus-based simulation that begins with our socialization, which we cannot interfere with. In the installation, we seem to notice this simulation environment represented by the Amusement Park only in the moments of deterioration visible with glitches. Something is not right. In pursuit of happiness, we try to network our bodies post-digital with more prosthetics and subordinate them to its life guidelines. The body-mind dichotomy's legs open wider. Our minds cannot convince our bodies despite the hysterical effort to have fun in a non-functioning simulation. The word YOLO, which is one of the linguistic products of modern life, gains a meaning that criticizes the utilitarian pursuit of happiness, which is broken from the real, within the scope of the exhibition.

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